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February 05, 2006



That sounds awesome R... and I know a lot of unhappy, overworked, over administered lawyers. Law firms are slow to evolve.

Susie Gardner-Brown

Hey Russell - this is wonderful! It's great to get a view of the other side of 'outsourcing to India'. I'm sure not all of those companies are as fair and sensible as you and yours, but hopefully this will lead the way to a change in attitude from both sides of the pond.
- susie

PS: I have always loved reading your blog - so glad you're back in Mysore and blogging :)


What a fascinating entry! I know I've said it before, but you are a wonderful writer. I think with a little tweaking this could be a really great article for an "offbeat" business magazine...if such a thing exists...Or even a New Yorker-type mag...

Yogamum from EZboard

maybe when the US economy collapses your friends in Mysore will hire you.


Hi Anonymous,

Are you the same Anonymous who wrote the other anonymous comments to my blog? If so, welcome back! In any case, I think you may have a point. If the U.S. economy cannot withstand competition, it just might collapse. But I'd rather not see offshoring as competition, so much as a wake-up call. U.S. companies, and the U.S. economy in general, has to be able to do things better and more efficiently if it is to survive. We have to rely upon and develop our core strengths. That is what our firm is trying to do, and we hope other companies will do the same. I have to admit, though, that saving the U.S. economy has not been one of my big priorities.

All the best,


Hey wsup, i stumbled onto ur blog (while searching for something otherwise unrelated to Mysore),and i think its quite excellent and you have so much insight too.You show a different side of Mysore other than what I see.Anyway ur post on 5th Feb 'the unlikely businessman' is entertaining n so much almost exactly what i needed to read..Ok I'd like to ask you a question.For long now ive been playing with the idea of working here in Mysore,i see so many opportunities but i don't know whom to see or where to start,So are there any jobs for foreigners if ur a student?..Got any advice? I'll be through with my degree this year but i'd like to be doing something else more challenging besides half-day class...Thanx n i love your blog


I have two ways to describe it.
1. Lawyer turned Businessman
2. Lawyer turned Philosphical Writer
Your writing is great.
So I would say you are a lawyer turned businessman turned writer.

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